Thanks for visiting our new NBL Marine Inc "barge" page. Our new lift barge will allow us to safely and quickly move docks and boat lifts across the waters of Ottertail County. We will no longer need to move new boat lifts across your property. In fact, all new boat lifts will now be delivered with our barge. We will also have the ability to deliver new docks by water if shore access is an issue. All prices reflect payment by cash or check.


1. New Deliveries - We will deliver new boat lifts and docks with our barge as necessary. Delivery of new equipment will generally be included in the sale. We do reserve the right to charge for new installs if you are outside of our core area, or as needed for special circumstances.

2. General Barge Service - We now have the ability to move new/used equipment for current or walk in customers as needed. In season barge services not included in our "seasonal lift storage programs" will be billed as follows.

$300.00 First Hour                                $200.00 Each Additional Hour

Prices include a minimum of two operators with our truck, barge, and trailer. Your billable time starts when we leave the shop, and ends when we arrive back. You may get a discount on drive time if we have other work in your area.

3.Seasonal Lift Storage Program - We will also be offering a seasonal lift storage program for our current customers. We will pick your lift up with our barge each fall, haul it to our shop, pressure wash your lift for Zebra Mussel, inspect it for damage, and bring it back to your lake lot each spring. Their will be two different price structures for this service. One will be billed twice each season (spring/fall), the other will be billed once each year (fall) for both pick up and delivery. Lift will be set as close to the spot of pick up as possible. It will be up to your dock installer to move your lift next to your dock and level it.

Fall Billing $500.00/Year